Tea Timer

Tea Timer

Tea Timer is a small and simple tool to track the steepings of your gongfu session.

I created this little tool a while ago to easily track my gongfu infusions. Most of the time when I drink tea, it’s after work while watching some shows on my PC. I always had a timer on my phone set for my steeps, but I still sometimes messed up and forgot on which infusion I currently was and it just wasn’t as convenient as I had hoped. So I made a little tool to help me. It’s by no means extremely pretty or complex, but it helps me stay on track with my infusions. I also use it for my tea reviews to get the steeping times as precise as possible. It is free and if you want any features that are currently not included, just message me and I’ll see what I can do to add them. 

Download Tea Timer V1.0.0


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