Drinking Tea: Where to start

A Teapot and the text Tea 101

A lot of gongfu centered tea blogs focus on experienced tea drinkers, which is great and it’s also something I plan to write articles for. However, I see more and more people asking where they should start and which teas they should get. Also, I will be holding a tea workshop for people new to the hobby this weekend and this might be interesting to some of them. So here is a quick recommendation on how I would start if I had to start all over again. This isn’t the perfect way to tea, it’s…

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Gong Fu Tea Ceremony @ Aniwest 2019

Aniwest tea ceremony

Come and visit the Aniwest Tea Ceremony. Soon the VAMC (Vorarlberger Anime und Manga Club) will hold it’s annual Anime Convention the Aniwest in Bregenz. I’m excited to not only be attending as a guest but to also hold a workshop about tea and tea ceremonies. We’ll start with a short powerpoint presentation about different kinds of teas and brewing methods, after that, we’ll directly start with the drinking. In my opinion, the best way to educate people about the different kinds of teas is by letting them try them. Here I want…

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Demon Slayer by white2tea Tea Review

Demon Slayer leaves

Demon Slayer from white2tea. Demon Slayer is a sheng/raw puerh huangpian blend created in 2018. The leaves of this tea have a great colour and are, as expected from Huangpian material, on the larger side. It’s rather loosely compressed so the leaves mostly stay intact when breaking them off. The tea starts off with a nice astringency. The flavours are vegetal and a bit bitter. After a few steeps my tongue really puckered up and I got the feeling of wanting to chew on it. The flavour is still vegetal, now hints of…

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