Demon Slayer by white2tea Tea Review

Demon Slayer from white2tea.

Demon Slayer is a sheng/raw puerh huangpian blend created in 2018.

The leaves of this tea have a great colour and are, as expected from Huangpian material, on the larger side. It’s rather loosely compressed so the leaves mostly stay intact when breaking them off. The tea starts off with a nice astringency. The flavours are vegetal and a bit bitter. After a few steeps my tongue really puckered up and I got the feeling of wanting to chew on it. The flavour is still vegetal, now hints of bell pepper are coming out. In later infusions, I tasted slight metallic undertones, but I’m not sure if it was the tea or if it was caused by me accidentally biting my lip earlier and it bleeding a bit… All in all Demon Slayer is already a very solid tea which you can get a good amount of infusions out of, but I’m really looking forward to it once it has aged a bit, which given the rather loose compression style might not take too long.

I used 7.6g of leaf to 135ml of 95°C water, in a Jian Shui teapot.
I started with a 10s wash and then went 7s increasing the steep time by about 3s for every subsequent infusion. This got me to about 16 steeps with the last three being significantly longer 3min, 5min, and 10min respectively.