About Me

Who am I?

My name is Adrian, I’m in my twenties and I live in central Europe. Tea is a hobby and passion of mine for a few years now. I will share my experiences and findings on this blog. There are, of course, some other things I’m interested in that don’t normally include tea. But, I will try to keep this site as much about tea as possible, with some programming thrown in, like my Tea Timer for example.

Can I send you [Insert Item Here] to review?

Generally yes, as long as it is related to tea. I’m not going to review an electric power drill even if you try to argue I could use it to stir up my water while brewing. However, if you want me to review tea samples, teaware, kettles and so on you can send me a message and I’ll see if the product would be a good fit.
Just message me at teadungeon@outlook.com

Review Policy

All items I got for free will be indicated as such in the reviews. When possible I will always link to the products I review, this has nothing to do with the item being sponsored or not. Some of those links might be Amazon Affiliate links, which means if you buy the article through the link, I get a portion of the money. This, however, doesn’t cost you more than when buying it regularly.


I try to keep my website free of any google ads. However, if you are a tea seller and want to advertise on my website, we might be able to make a deal. I will not accept just any shop, only ones that I trust and would recommend myself. If this sounds interesting to you and you think you might be a good fit, message me.

Write your own blog post

You have amazing content that is related to tea but you don’t have any space you could publish it on? Write a guest article on teadungeon.com. If you have an idea for a tea-related post that might interest enough people I’ll gladly give you the platform to post it on. This can be a storage experiment, your thoughts on Yixing clay, experiences from your six-month stay in Yunnan, basically anything related to tea. The only content I won’t accept is tea reviews, although if it is something very unique I might make exceptions. Of course, you will be named as the author of the article and will retain any rights to it. You don’t need to already have a full article written, you can just pitch me your idea and we will talk if it would be a good fit or not.


Email: teadungeon@outlook.com

or use the contact form below.